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Just when hip-hop heads thought Joey Bada$$ wasn’t going to respond to Lil B’s diss record “I’m The Bada$$,” the Brooklyn boy fires back with “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” 

After the Brooklyn rapper and the Bay Area rapper exchanged a little heat via Twitter, Lil B fired a “warning shot” at Joey Bada$$. 

Surprising everyone, Joey fired back on a Lee Bannon-produced track, where he stated, “I’m offended that this n*gga didn’t come harder.” 

NEW MUSIC: Joey Bada$$ “Unorthodox” 

“Flame ass n*gga, lame ass n*gga/publicity stunt, for the fame ass n*gga/ badass not lying, but I gotta tame that nigga/how I look not replying,” raps Joey. 

Joey Bada$$ is currently working on his debut album. 

Take a listen to Joey’s response to Lil B below!