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Ms. Kelly Rowland….

As a huge fan of yours, I can’t say I’ve seen you any better than at last night’s halftime show at the Super Bowl. I needed a moment to take it all in – your presence was phenomenal, alluring, sexy, bold, feminine, and strong. And that was before you opened your mouth to sing a single word! 

Media-wise, the world has bullied you, always comparing you to Beyonce, saying that you failed to stand next to your Destiny’s Child sister in a comparable way. People questioned if you could be successful on your own as Destiny’s Child split and went their separate ways. Could Kelly measure up if the stage belonged to her alone?

A little girl at the time, I distinctly remember most media outlets declaring that you couldn’t.

These haters really felt that you would always be lurking in the shadows, happy to stay Robyn when you had the gifts to eventually grow into Batman. They had the audacity to say that physically and talent-wise, you were weak next to Bey and always would be.

The time to develop away from your original monster girl group may have been just what you needed, because last night you were any and everything but weak standing next to King Bey.

You had to have felt it – The energy was crazy as you humbly stepped onto that stage.

Your true fans have been rooting for you!! Though the confidence wasn’t always there, it was easy to see you too had that “it” factor and only needed to believe in yourself. You were the underdog in several ways for a while, but we saw it in you and I believe that the first sign of you fully seeing it in yourself was your hit single “Motivation.”

You finally seemed 110 percent comfortable with your gift to entertain. Your vocals were powerful as you embraced your sexuality, and your confidence was intimidating as it bounced off the TV screen in the accompanying video.

From then on when you were photographed, you walked and went about your days with a different oomph we hadn’t recognized in you before.

Last night was the first instance the world didn’t know who to focus on when you and Bey were on the stage at the same time. You walked out and immediately, it was like you announced, “Kelly’s here.”

Not to compare you to your sister, but anybody who can stand up and hold their own on the same stage as Beyonce is one bad chick.

Needless to say, it was definitely a proud moment for your fans. In totality, you looked and sounded amazing. You’ve said over the years that you weren’t always as comfortable in your skin as you wish you could’ve been.

That’s all changed and to anyone watching you do your thing last night at the Super Bowl, the distinct change is completely obvious and once again… everything and ANYTHING but weak!

They had a lot to say about you. What they got to say now?!


Twitter: @SukiiPrettyy

P.S. Check out Kelly’s transformation over the years in the gallery below!

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