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There’s an old saying that goes, ‘behind every good man is a good woman.’ 

A woman to make him better, a woman who is not just going to stand behind him, but stand beside him as a partner ready to take on the world. 

That’s what Justin Bieber had when Selena Gomez was by his side. At least that’s what Bieber’s mother thought. Since Biebs broke up with Selena, he’s been finding himself in more and more hot water. Allegations of smoking weed, lending his car to rappers, and accusations of sipping lean have been plaguing the heartthrob since his split. 

DETAILS: Bieber’s Mother Wants Selena To Get Him Back On The Right Track

Justin’s mom believes none of this would have happened if he were still with Selena. That’s one of the beautiful things about good women: they hold their men down. They keep us out of trouble, keep us focused and give us the ability to accomplish anything. 

VIDEO: Selena Gomez Sings Cry Me A River

We see these examples on television, in movies, or on GlobalGrind almost daily….

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Hova was a drug dealer-turned-rapper who caught a charge stabbing another record exec in a New York nightclub. Then something happened: He married Beyonce, became best friends with Oprah, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. Plus he has Obama on the speed dial. With Beyonce on his arm, life is like a beach chair. 

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will and Jada got together and things have been on the up for him since. Will transformed his life from a rapper, to a television star, to a movie star. His outlook on life has changed and now he’s one of the most successful men in Hollywood. At one point last year, Will’s whole family was busy doing amazing things: Karate Kid, “Whip My Hair,” Hawthorne and After Earth, oh my! 

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz and Amber Rose are expecting their first baby together, so she’s already made him better! Since these two got together, Wiz has racked up $20 million bucks, made the Forbes list and put out one of the most talked about album covers of all time. Can we say Amber taught him?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles 

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles didn’t last long as a couple, but she still had her affect on him. Before they dated, he was that guy in One Direction who little girls absolutely loved. After their brief romance, he’s Harry F***ing Styles. 

Khloe and Lamar

She’s his world and rightfully so. Lamar got traded to Dallas and was so distraught that his family was off, he totally broke down, and left the season early. Then he moved back to L.A., back with his wife and their happy family, and now he’s helping the LA Clippers hold onto first place in their conference. 

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel

She’s an Oscar-nominated actress and he’s a funny guy who makes hilarious movies. On the surface, it looks like they have nothing in common, but in real life they live in Brooklyn together and are happier than can be. Jason helped heal Michelle’s pain after her ex Heath Ledger’s death, and Michelle has helped Jason mature. It doesn’t get better than that. 

Ludacris and Eudoxie

Ludacris and Eudoxie compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly. Eudoxie is working on her masters degree in medical school, and her drive made Luda step it up. It just goes to show you can’t be the perfect woman if you’re not educated. 

Dame Dash and Aaliyah

There is no doubt she made Dame better. The Rocawear, Roc Films; she’s gone, but not forgotten. 

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