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Five attackers burst into a home, held a group of people at gunpoint and raped six Spanish woman at a Mexican resort in Acapulco, which is already riddled with drug and murder crimes.

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The armed and masked men spared one other woman who was of Mexican descent. Police are now investigating if the attack occurred because of their nationality.

According to CBS

It was unclear whether the group of 12 Spaniards who fell prey to the attack had been targeted because of their nationality in the three-hour ordeal at a rented house on a tranquil beach dotted with restaurants, small hotels and rental homes. Most of the six men and six women live in Mexico City and were vacationing in Acapulco.

The gang went into the house and tied up the six men with phone cords and bathing suit straps. Then they raped the women.

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Guerrero state Attorney General Martha Garzon told the local media that the motive of the attackers was “to have fun” and “robbery.” They also drank mezcal before the attack.

Police are still investigating the crime.


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