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Five out of seven suspects have been arrested in connection with the recent raping of six women who were vacationing in Mexico.

DETAILS: Terrible! Mexico Gang Rapes 6 Spanish Tourist, Spares 1 Woman For Being Of Mexican Descent

Fifty investigators have been dedicated to finding out who the culprits are and bringing them to justice. Authorities have used military checkpoint in their attempt to apprehend the suspects.

The six women were among fourteen who fell victim to what has been described as a hooded man gunman who barged into their resort. The bandits rapped the women, sparing one women because she was of Mexican decent, tied up the men and robbed the group of their belongings.

The state attorney general has not released the names or locations of where the suspects are currently being held out of fear for their safety. 

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Lead investigator Marcos Juarez said investigators believe the victims bought drugs from one or more of the suspects a day or two earlier, and that the victims knew the suspect. Officials say the gunman’s motive was robbery and to have some fun.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims at this time.