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This year’s Grammys were funny, professional, weird, memorable and of course, filled with celebrities!

VIDEO: LL Gives His Two Cents On The Chris Brown Drama

For everyone watching, there were plenty of moments that were deliciously awkward but cool and amazing in their own right.

For starters, after a memo detailing appropriate attire for the big night was sent to all those attending, J. Lo’s naked and extremely toned leg infamously became the focus of the show.

Jay-Z couldn’t contain his sarcasm throughout the night and Taylor Swift basically confirmed that she most definitely writes her biggest hits as personal vendettas against her former flames.

Dress Codes Are For Private Schools, Not The Grammys!

All in all, the night was one fans, musicians, and everyone in between will never forget. Check out the 10 things that went “wrong,” yet awakwardly right, during The 55th Annual Grammy Awards below!

1. Bey’s Up!

Beyonce showed off her recent gang sign fetish, well, sort of.

Twitter went crazy when they thought Beysus might be signaling the Illuminati, but, sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles, host LL Cool J shouted out where certain celebs were from, and when he mentioned Beyonce coming from Houston, Bey signified the “3rd Ward”, the well known section of H-Town she was born and raised!

No gang signs here.

2. She Got The Memo!

It was against the rules but J. Lo found a way to stand out, regardless of the memo that forbade any revealing attire.

Doesn’t everyone know, Jenny from the block doesnt have to show off her “female nipples,” “buttocks,” or “female breasts” to have everyone talking about her outfit for years to come. All she did was flash a little leg… and the room got hot. How hot? Scroll down!

3. Damn J-Lo, Don’t Kill A Brother!

Drake was just one of many audience members who could not contain themselves as Jennifer Lopez revealed her leg.

It’s kind of dark, but at the 15 second mark in the video below, you can see Drizzy’s crazy reaction to the sudden skin! It was so wrong, yet SO right!

4. Stripes, Zig Zags & Bling, Oh MY!

Miguel and Wiz Khalifa weren’t the best pair when it came to performing for the big night. Wiz barely said five words while Miguel sung for a pretty long time, and they both wore very loud patterns that made it kind of hard to watch them.

In the end, Miguel’s voice made us forget about all of that and Wiz has a smile that could light up an entire room. We love them!

5. Ellen Gets Too Close, Bey Gives Her The *side eye*

Bey tops our list again! As Beyonce attempted to announce Justin Timberlake’s performance, Ellen DeGeneres made things so awkward by getting extremely close to her… about as close as any person on the Earth dreams of getting to the bootylicious performer.

It was definitely a weird moment in Grammys history, but a moment to remember at the same damn time!

6. “Who The Hell Are You, Miguel?!”

Kelly Clarkson was so flustered during her speech, that some of the nice things she tried to say came out a little bit rude.

At the very end of her acceptance speech she shouted “Miguel? I don’t know who the hell you are but we have to sing together! I mean good God! That was the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen. WHAT!” She then thanked her fiance, who she referred to as sexy as well.

That was all wrong… but right, because at least she gave credit where credit is due! For a couple of laughs, check the video above.

7. “Taylor, I’m going to left you finish but um…”

Kanye West and his new baby mama Kim Kardashian didn’t show up which made us kind of sad, but at the same time it’s kind of a good thing! The last time Kanye was in the audience and Taylor Swift was on stage, it was NOT a good scene and Taylor ended up getting her feelings hurt, BAD.

Plus, anytime Kim K. is anywhere near Beyonce rumors of her desperate attempts to befriend Bey surface. It was probably best that KimYe did their own thing for the night!

8. Speaking Of Taylor Swift…

We loved her opening performance of her hit single “We are never, ever, everrr getting back together!!” It got a little awkward when she stopped to do a short skit, in which she turned down a former flame who was begging for her attention once more.

Her reason? She was “busy opening up for the Grammys.”

The awkward part? She gave that former flame a English accent, & her last boy toy Harry Styles.. well, he was definitely English. We loved it though. She really knows how to stick it humiliate an ex publicly! Check the video above!

9. Jay-Z Puts Terius In His Place

A very happy Frank Ocean had a difficult time speaking when accepting a Grammy for his part in the song “No Church In The Wild,” and so he opened the floor to Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z. At this point, The Dream not only took over, but then hushed Frank with hand motions and then stepped up to speak.

When a drunken Jay walked up to the mic he said very candidly “I’d like to thank the swap meet for his hat,” while pointing at The Dream’s unacceptable head gear. Kind of mean of Hov, but it serves Terius right.

10. Rihanna Who?

Though we love her, Rihanna didn’t contribute much to the Bob Marley tribute! Damian Marley and Bruno Mars definitely outshined the popular popstar and at one point, we could hear everyone on stage singing their hearts out EXCEPT Rih Rih.

Nonetheless, she looked beautiful, we got a glimpse of that naughty tat, and she got to pay homage to one of her biggest influences! So, we still love her!

Photo/Video Credit: GETTY/Instagram || Video Credit: CBS/Youtube

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