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Even though I recently moved to L.A. for the movie business, I’m still deep in the fashion industry. When I’m in New York, I spend a lot of my time on 7th Avenue where my offices have been for years.

As many of you know, I have dated mostly models in my adult life. It’s no secret I’m attracted to tall, beautiful women. But, I like to say I live a “color blind life.” I have been scrutinized in the past for it, but my experiences go across all races and ethnicities. I believe they are all equally beautiful.

Working in the fashion industry, sometimes I wonder, why is it so devoid of color? Don’t they know how beautiful diversity can be?

When I saw the Sports Illustrated list of women this year, I thought it needed a re-mix.  Here’s a list that I believe is far more inspiring than the current list that is on the newstands…

Lisalla Montenegro

Jessica White

Genevieve Morton

Amelia Racine

Liu Wen

Estella Warren

Jessica Gomes

Leila Lopes

Hana Nitsche

Kate Upton

Jarah Mariano

Ariel Meredith

Doutzen Kroes

Damaris Lewis