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Pretty Flaco is flexing his modeling chops once again.

Mr. Porter hit up the Harlem emcee to be their model for their latest collection of clothing available for purchase on the website.

The joining of A$AP Rocky and Mr. Porter seems to be a match made in heaven for Rocky who has made it clear that next to music, fashion is one of his great loves.

Rocky was styled by Tony Cook for the Bruno Staub photographed spread and looked amazing in each shot.  Each photo features Rocly wearing amazing pieces from the likes of Rick Owens, Burberry Prorsum, Raf Simons and Neil Barrett just to name a few.

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Mr. Porter’s features editor, Mansel Fletcher, had the chance to interview Rocky for the spread, touching on everything from the origins or Rocky’s interest in rap, his style and peoples perception of him.

Check out the highlights from the interview:

On why he started making music:

“I realized that the streets were my reality, and I wanted to make another home, so I started doing positive things. Some people have it in them to get out, and some people are content to stay in the hood. You’d be kind of stupid to get stuck in a bad predicament your whole life, but I feel blessed because I know where I came from and everything I’ve been through.”

On starting his own clothing line:

“I don’t want to. It would be disrespectful to take my stardom and bully my way into the fashion industry, because I didn’t go to [fashion] school to learn about design, sketching and fabrics. I just enjoy it; I’m a consumer.”

On being gay because of his fashion sense:

“People say I’m gay sometimes, but I have a lot of bitches so why would I care? It doesn’t bother me at all. You know why they say that? Because they can’t say that I suck, they can’t say that I’m not handsome, and they can’t say that my lyrics are wack, so they say that I’m gay because they don’t have anything on me.”

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Have a look through the gallery above for all of the amazing shots from the Bruno Staub photographed A$AP Rocky spread.  If you would like to read the full interview, head over to the Mr. Porter now!