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Surprise, surprise! Lindsey Lohan is headed back to court. The troubled actress didn’t reach a plea bargain this week with prosecutors in the case where she allegedly lied to cops, so now she’s scheduled to go to trial. Oh Lindsay! [TMZ]

More effects of the sequester! The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 300 illegal immigrants as a result of fiscal uncertainty due to the looming budget cuts. The White House, however, said it didn’t approve the move. [The Hill]

Republicans are throwing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie major shade! After they failed to invite him to the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference, some GOP’ers reportedly added insult to injury, saying he’s not much of a conservative and can’t be trusted. Well damn, looks like somebody might be changing parties soon. [DailyBeast]

Bad parenting! A mother in Indonesia drowned her 9-year-old son because she was worried that his…ahem…small genitalia would lead to a “bleak life.” She turned herself into police and confessed, and is now undergoing psychological evaluation. [DailyMail

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