Dennis Rodman is playing with fire.

POLL: Basketball & Phone Calls: Are Dennis Rodman’s Solutions To The North Korea Rift Crazy Or Brilliant? 

On Monday, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that America totally denounces his recent trip to North Korea last week for a basketball exhibition with the Harlem Globetrotters.

In other words…the White House is pissed!

“Instead of spending money on celebrity sporting events to entertain the elites of that country, the North Korean regime should focus on the well-being of its own people, who have been starved, imprisoned and denied their human rights,” Carney said.

He called the former NBA player’s appearance a publicity stunt by North Korea’s oppressive regime. 

But in an interview with NBC’s Today Show, Rodman called Kim Jong Un his friend and said Kim told him to tell President Obama to “call him,” because he doesn’t want to go to war. 

DETAILS: LOL! Dennis Rodman Returns From North Korea With A Message From Kim Jong Un For POTUS 

Those comments landed Rodman in some hot water, prompting him to cancel his whirlwind tour of post-North Korea television appearances. 

Oh sh*t! Wonder if he did that himself, or if somebody made him do it!

SOURCE: WashingtonPost

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