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It looks like there’s more trouble in paradise!

Joseline and Stevie J have a rough relationship that involves a lot of public fighting, break ups, and then getting back together, and that’s exactly what’s happened between them once again again.

VIDEO: What?! Joseline Left Bloody By Fan For Not Revealing “Love & Hip-Hop” Plot

The Love & Hip Hop diva recently took to her Twitter to announce her managing break up with Stevie J, and then put him on blast for his financial woes.

She tweeted:

EXCLUSIVE: Joseline Hernandez Reveals Her Troubled Past & Says She’ll Never Tweet A Naked Picture Of Herself Again!

On top of their break up, Joseline announced she wouldn’t be attending a race car event with Stevie next month that they were both signed on to attend.

Stevie tweeted her some shade, posting:

“This is a business. Handle your paperwork. #ironclad.”

Hopefully these two can work things out, since they have so much business together! Something tells us they will.