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If there was an app based completely off Chief Keef’s breakout hit, “I Don’t Like,” the Hater app would be it.

The Hater app can best be described as a version of Instagram made for everything you’re not such a fan of. We’re not sure if it would have been easier to just put a dislike button on Instagram, but the app’s creator Jake Banks describes it in his own words: “You share the things you hate with the people you love.” 

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The Hater app was launched at SXSW’s Start-Up Village for people to upload pictures of things they didn’t like from the festival, which were then viewed by others for comments and feedback. While most would say this is an outlet for mindless negativity, Jake Banks sees it differently. 

“You might hate something so much you want to change it, which is the complete opposite of what happens when you ‘Like’ something.” Jake says.

We’re hoping he means something along the lines of social injustice and not something on the other side of the spectrum like allowing black people in the front of the bus – but only time will really tell how people will use it – if it catches on at all.

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You can get the Hater app right now as a free iOS app, however you can expect an Android launch in the coming months. We guess hating is free, even in the digital world.