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Most girls would have preferred a poodle, but not the edgy Khloe Kardashian! The most outspoken Kardashian sister showed off the new baby Boxer dog Lamar got her, and he is obviously too cute. 

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The dog is named Bernard Hopkins, or B for short after championship boxer of the same name. It’s a mixture of brown, black and white, this pup’s peepers are the definition of puppy dog eyes.

The Kardashians love to add new members to the fam – Kim K. welcomed the kitten Kanye West got her with open arms and now Khloe has a pup.

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We wonder if Kourtney is up next? Her hubby Scott doesn’t really seem like the animal type. 

Anyway, have fun admiring Khlo’s new baby, and hopefully we get to see much more of him!