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*Spoiler Alert: This post reveals crucial plot points and twists. -A*

“Pretty Little Liars” is the kind of show you instantly become addicted to, and you’d know this if you’ve ever taken the chance to watch it.

After seeing two or three current episodes, you will find yourself relentlessly searching for the first two seasons on Netflix or Hulu, in order to catch up with this mysterious, whirlwind ABC Family series, just ask our staff… #addicted.

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If you aren’t familiar with the popular series at all: four high school girls are being tortured by an anonymous character named “A,” which we find out at the end of season two, is a former friend Mona.

Using their deepest and darkest secrets, “A” blackmails, frames, and continuously torments the girls. Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings are on a search for their friend Alison DiLaurentis’ killer and the closer they get to finding out the truth, the more people come up dead or missing at the hands of “A.”

After Mona is found out and admitted to a nearby mental hospital, the torture still continues and in season three, we learn about the “A” Team.

Throughout season three there has been SO much we’ve found out:

We found out another member of the A team, which broke viewers heart, was Toby who is also Spencer’s boyfriend – talk about awkward.

We learned that Wren may not be the good guy that he was painted out to be; Jason goes missing from his hospital bed and of course we learn the web around Alison’s death is much tighter than anyone could have imagined, and we learn that just about everyone in Rosewood has a secret they want to bury.

Towards the end of season three a man with Toby’s signature tattoo was found dead in the woods, we’re not 100% sure that it was Toby himself, with the twist and turns in this show you can never be too certain!

Mona lead spencer to the woods to find the body which sent Spencer off the deep end and landed her right into the same mental hospital Mona was in. But we all knew this was coming, ever since Spencer found out that Toby was on the “A” Team she wasn’t her normal mastermind self – she was skipping school, acting out, attacking Mona, and to top it all off, not dressing prim and proper as usual.

Mona is very much still a part of the “A” Team, but plays dumb to the girls’ faces. In the last episode we are lead to believe that Mona has finally gotten Spencer to join the “A” team, and if this is true we are going to be so mad!

Aria is reconsidering her relationship with Ezra. Of course the relationship isn’t your normal high school boyfriend/girlfriend situation, that would be too simple. Aria and Ezra, AKA Mr. Fitz, started dating while Aria was his student, super scandalous, wanting to take their relationship to more open grounds, Ezra left teaching at the high school and started teaching at the local college, where Aria’s Dad also works. Aria’s Dad eventually got Ezra fired (we could go on about this one but we’ll leave it there) and now unemployed Ezra turns to tutoring and ghostwriting.

Aria stumbles upon some more interesting info about Ezra this season: He has a son! Turns out Ezra’s ex-girlfriend Maggie was pregnant and when Ezra’s very wealthy Mother got wind of this she made the problem go away. Of course no secret stays away for long, so now Maggie and Ezra’s son, Malcolm, have moved to town and are totally putting a strain on Ezra and Aria’s relationship.

In the last episode Aria ended things with Ezra, which got a lot of fans teary eyed because they are so cute together (minus the whole weird age difference). BTW, she ended things after someone from the “A” team took Malcon from karate class before Aria got there.

After being hypnotized by Dr. Sullivan, who may be unwillingly working for the “A” team as well, Emily remembers a blonde woman who wears a red coat and puts it together that she’s the one who gives the “A” team their orders.

Emily has been having a rough time in the last two seasons. Last season ended with the finding her girlfriend Maya’s body, talk about rough news. But Emily stood tall and was determined to find out who was behind this.

A few months later we are introduced to Maya’s “cousin” Nate who wants to get to know Emily since Mona talked about her so much. Of course Nate isn’t actually Maya’s cousin but the stalker who killed her, seriously wtf goes on here?! Nate plotted to kill Emily and her now current girlfriend Paige, but Emily’s fast reflexes got the best of Nate and she shot and killed him. 

Despite all of this, Emily is still going strong and even more determined to find Alison’s killer.

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Hanna’s mom nearly killed Officer Wilden, who may or may not have been hooking up with and got Alison pregnant before she disappeared. Wilden will not leave the 4 girls alone, especially Hanna. After eating at a restaurant alone Wilden follow Hanna’s mom, Ashley Marin, and pulls her over for “drinking” but asks her more about Hanna. Afraid for her life Ashley hits Wilden with her car as she speeds off. When Ashley gets home she tells Hanna about what happened, the two go back to scene and Wilden’s body is gone! Fast forward to a few days later Wilden’s car turns up in Hanna’s garage with the surveillance video in the car playing on repeat. Hanna does what any normal high schooler would do, calls Aria and they dump the car in the lake. Out of sight out of mind, right?

Since we’ve talked about the others girls relationships we should touch on Hanna and Caleb’s. Things between the two were going really well, not much fighting except Caleb trying to protect Hanna from the mysterious stalker that’s trying to blackmail her and her friends. Hanna helps Caleb find his real Dad and even gets him a job at the local church but it turns out he’s been stealing from them. But in actuality he wasn’t, it was A’s plot to make it seem like he was so who knows where Hanna and Caleb stand right now, we’ll find out tonight, hopefully.

As for Allison, we learn that she was buried alive, and that this woman in the red coat, giving the “A” team instructions, might actually be her.

In a recent interview, Mona, played by Janel Parrish lets us know that we will be finding out a few more members of The “A” Team during tonight’s finale. And we also find out who the girl in the Red Coat is.

Is Toby dead? Mona never says, but someone does come back from the grave to haunt the girls. Who could it be?

We’re not sure which questions will actually be answered during tonight’s season finale but we hope some of the twist and turns are cleared up!

In anticipation of tonight’s finale, check out the girls and their season three fashion in the gallery above.

We’ll be watching, A will be watching, but will you?!

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