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Imagine a three hour bus ride with roaches crawling up your face?! 

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A recent Greyhound bus traveling from Atlantic City to New York was infested with the nasty creatures, forcing passengers out of their seats.

Passenger Dawn Alexander told WABC, “There’s like a thousand roaches. And when I say infested, I mean infested. People were in the aisles literally brushing roaches off of them.” Alexander continues, “Then after a while, the panic got towards the back because we all started looking around and saw roached crawling everywhere.”

Passengers thought it was just one roach that decided to join them for the ride, but one turned into what seemed like hundreds.

Another passenger spoke on the infestation saying, “I sat down–roaches started crawling up on our clothes, falling down from the ceiling. Everything.” 

Maureen Richmond, Greyhound’s Media Relations Director, said the bus driver “immediately pulled the bus over and radioed our dispatch office for assistance. We are investigating how they got there– in bags or from the bus.”

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An apology was given to the passengers, but there have been no reports if a refund was in order. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, roaches “Are common even in the cleanest of crowded urban areas and older dwellings” and neighborhoods. 



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