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If you ask any kid that was born between 1985-1995, they’ll tell you that the ’90s were probably the best 10 years to be alive in to this day.

Arguably, most of where those “feel good” memories came from were some of the hit TV shows on Nickelodeon back in the day.

These days, ’90s babies can tune into Teen Nick and see their old shows such as All That late at night, and they can watch some childhood stars make a name for themselves while they were only 12-16-year-olds.

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Amanda Bynes was one of those adorable child actors, and her very first episode on the hit skit show All That was the beginning of her breakthrough. 

Over the next 10 years, Amanda went on to be the poster child of Nickelodeon, landing her own show, and starring in some box office smash hits such as What A Girl Wants and She’s The Man.

Amanda was too adorable to resist, and her humor was anything but dry, but somehow none of us saw what was to come once the cameras turned off.

Fast forward to today, nearly 3 years since any major public appearance from her, and Amanda has appeared to have done a 180 since her glory days, displaying odd tweets, catching a DUI, and switching it up with some overly “unique” looks.

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Now 26 and barely even recognizable, no one seems to understand what happened to our favorite little Nickelodeon girl.

Maybe she grew up too fast, or maybe something happened in her private, personal life that we never knew about, either way we miss that irresistibly funny girl that got us smiling even on a bad day!

We just have to ask at this point, where is the real Amanda Bynes we know and love?

Check out some of Amanda’s best moments throughout the years below!

It was time for the world to meet the great Amanda Bynes when she made her debut doing a stand-up routine at the Laugh Factory in 1996 at just 10 years old.

Amanda went on to land her first big gig on All That on Nickelodeon and became an essential member of the cast, doing her own skits such as this hilarious one called “Ask Ashley.”

Over the years, Amanda gained so much popularity that she landed her own show on the hit children’s network called, you guessed it…The Amanda Show! Every skit featured one of her many different characters, such as this recurring one where she played Penelope Taynt, who was an obsessive Amanda Bynes stan that always tried to cross paths with her, and hoped to do so through her website http://www.AmandaPlease.com. Oddly enough, the site still exists!

One of the best skits on the show had to be The Girl’s Room where Amanda played Amber “the most popular girl in school” as she told secrets and brought guests into the girls’ bathroom. Oh, and Debbie likes eggs. We can’t forget that.

Not everyone remembers this small spin-off mock soap opera that came from the Amanda Show called “Moody’s Point,” but it should definitely be on the list of great Amanda Bynes moments. Making a mockery of how overly dramatic soap operas are with obvious sarcasm, “Moody’s Point” truly showed Amanda’s ability to keep a straight face no matter how ridiculous things became.

Amanda soon ended The Amanda Show, but immediately landed the lead role in the sitcom What I Like About You, which showed more of her on-camera chemistry and spunk. Even in the show’s shaky beginning, Amanda proved she was willing to go the distance to please viewers.

As Amanda grew up on the show, it was as if humor became easier and easier for her to do. Her acting became more natural, and soon the parts she did became her, like this one above before the series ended.

Amanda’s career peak had to have come from her role in She’s The Man, where she put her character-transformation abilities to the test. As she played a boy for at least 80 percent of the movie, it was pretty convincing that maybe it wasn’t even Amanda Bynes anymore…until she stuck some tampons up her nose.

Who needs bandz to make her dance when you have Amanda Bynes? In this scene, she convinced us that she would be a better guy than most are these days!

The last moments of humor we ever saw from Amanda came in the last movie she did called Easy A with Emma Stone. Playing a hardcore Christian girl, she added a different, disciplined splash of humor to the movie, but it was easy to see that she wasn’t her old adorable self…inside and out.

These days, Amanda is sporting piercings, a wig and has a mug shot under her belt. 

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