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Can you imagine being in Porsha’s shoes at this very moment?!

I know I couldn’t.

Granted, I can’t ever be sure about what’s gone on in the Stewart home, but in the public eye, Porsha has been nothing but loyal to her man – worshipping the ground that he walks on, taking the heat from more independent women for loving and accepting her title as his “trophy wife,” and just flat out being on his side regardless of how other people – even the Atlanta Housewives – feel about it.

You can’t buy that type of loyalty and enthusiasm and you certainly don’t come across it everyday. Whether we know her personally or not, I think it’s very safe to say that Porsha wholeheartedly LOVES that man!

It’s even more safe to say that Porsha is a good woman who understands what respect and honor mean in a marriage…

DETAILS: Porsha Stewart Speaks! She Feels Blindsided By Kordell’s Divorce Papers

After the embarrassment of finding out she’s getting a divorce via the internet, she STILL has pictures of the man up on her social networks!

So, let’s assume the rumors are true and the reason Kordell has filed for divorce is simply because he isn’t comfortable with Porsha signing on to do another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In what era is divorce the answer to that equation?!

Kordell became infamous for his controlling ways on the show – one time even going as far as to stick his nose in his wife and Cynthia Bailey’s personal issue, instead of just letting Porsha sort the small problem out on her own.

Threatening divorce just seems like an irrational and childish way to once more take control of the situation and get her to do what he wants, which is drop the show.

What is the big deal with her having her own thing? Why is it so difficult for some men to support their women when they venture outside of the home to define themselves career-wise?

I respect her loyalty to Kordell, but if no major intervention takes place, a man with control issues such as his simply gets worse as the years go on.

I couldn’t believe the headlines when I read them – just a few days ago, Porsha was ranting and raving about how much she loved being her husband’s wife. 

Luckily Porsha is beautiful, young, and becoming more and more famous everyday. If she is truly in love with Kordell, I can understand her wanting to continue to work on the relationship, but if not, move on while he gave you an out.

VIDEO: Sisters 4 Life! Real Housewives of Atlanta Support Porsha Stewart During Sudden Divorce

A man who so easily attempts to end a marriage has his own personal issues he needs to work out before entering into such a serious commitment. 

You don’t need somebody who wants you to sit around the house and do nothing while he explores the world and builds his network without you, who gives up on you so easily when compromise should be the answer, and who takes pride in controlling his wife’s every move.

Porsha, you are TOO good for it – you may just have to take your love and loyalty elsewhere, and it looks like the entire nation sees it that way!


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