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Things don’t look too good for American Idol, and it looks like Nicki Minaj might be to blame!

The ratings this season have been at an all-time low for the hit singing contest, and apparently that’s due to the hate coming at the YMCMB rapper.

According to Radar Online, the last episode of AI only brought in 11 million viewers, which is the lowest it’s ever been for the show.

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And from the looks of the show’s Facebook page its due to Nicki Minaj, one user wrote:

I can’t watch my favorite show anymore…her arrogance, ignorance, stupid comments that have NOTHING to do with constructive criticism, and the lack of respect the brat displays every week. What a bad choice to replace Jennifer (Lopez).”

Another user wrote:

“Nicki’s voice box needs to be removed.”

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Another stated:

“Sorry, but I just really, REALLY wanna punch her square in the face! I think that would probably make me feel best!”

Apparently the cast and crew aren’t too fond of her either, since she has been reportedly late for almost all of the shows.

Sheesh! It looks like Nicki might need to brush herself off a bit if she wants the show to be a success.

Hopefully Nicki can pull through and get those ratings up before the season is over!