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The second season of Girls was kind of a Debbie Downer. In the season finale, most of the main characters were in a sad place.

There were happy endings for two people, at least. Marnie and Charlie ended up together again after spending most of the season apart.

(SPOILER ALERT. Oh, wait: we were supposed to put that in the beginning. Sry.) 

DETAILS: Oh No! HBO’s “Girls” Loses Its First Major Character 

We’re not sure where things are now. Earlier today news came out that Christopher Abbott, the actor that plays Charlie, quit Girls due to creative differences with the show’s creator and star, Lena Dunham.

So what happens to Charlie now? Well, they can pull a Final Destination and have a bus come out of nowhere and just smash into him. Orrrr, for Marnie’s sake, they can find someone else to play Charlie.

Yeah, we like the second idea better. 

Here are five actors who we think can play Charlie in season three of Girls.  


Shia LaBeouf 

One of the more interesting transitions in season two of Girls is how Charlie changed. In season one, Charlie was this sweet, meek, over-sentimental dude. By season two, however, Charlie invented some phone app, got super rich and we saw his douche level go to a hunna. That’s why Shia LaBeouf would be perfect. No one in Hollywood is douchier than your boy Shia LaBeouf. Plus LaBeouf got that swaggy-ass beard. Sh*t is perfect. 

Kit Harington

If you’re one of the three people on the planet who’s not a fan of Game of Thrones, then you probably don’t know who Kit Harington is. But dude would have this role on smash. First things first: the beard. Duh. Second thing, dude is always kinda grouchy, which is how Charlie spent most of season two. Plus there’s the whole HBO thing. Like, really, this is all aces.


Eminem hasn’t had a serious acting role since 8 Mile, and that sh*t was in 2002. We’re not sure why because he absolutely bodied that movie. Em would be perfect: Marnie needs someone with a rough edge to check her ass.   

Jack Antonoff 

Yeah, he looks nothing like Charlie, and we’re not sure if he can act, since we’re pretty sure he’s never spoken — ever — but Jack Antonoff, who also dates Lena, would be good because he’s probably lingering around the set anyway. Plus, he won’t be beefin’ with Lena, so this thang could work. 

Tyler, the Creator 

We love Girls and we enjoyed season two, but we do have a criticism: the show became more serious and lost some of its funny. Tyler, the Creator is a genuinely funny cat who would bring some energy back to the show. So what he’s black and looks nothing like the old Charlie, we’ve seen shows do worse. Plus, it will fulfill their quota of one black or Spanish person per season.