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Pay up or starve?

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Cafeteria employees at the Coehlo Middle School in Attleboro, Massachusetts have denied students of their school lunch if they have a negative balance on their pre-paid lunch cards. 

Allegedly, 25 hungry students went home to notify their parents about the incident and in return, parents have voiced their concerns.  

Jo-An Blanchard, a parent of one of the student’s said:

“I told them this is bullying; thats neglect, child abuse.”

Apparently Andrew Boles, Coehlo Middle School’s Principal, knew nothing about the cafeteria’s neglectful behavior and the Whitson’s Culinary Group, who provides culinary services for the school, and does not support the cafeteria workers actions. Both Principal Boles and Whitson released an apology to the parents and students of the school.  

Whitson spokeswoman Holly Von Seggern said:

“Employees had taken it upon themselves to institute this change. It was not condoned or approved.”

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There have been no reports on a possible solution to this issue. Hopefully the parents and the school district can come to an agreement and no student is left unfed.


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