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It’s become painfully obvious that Tyler, the Creator’s alter-ego is one nasty goat!

Felicia The Goat is starring in the second installment of Tyler-directed commercials for Mountain Dew.

This time around, Felicia gets caught speeding by a police officer played by Lionel Boyce, who also happens to be a member of Odd Future.

VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator Makes His Mountain Dew Commercial Debut As A Goat!?

Once pulled over, Felicia begins acting extremely nervous, fidgety and proclaiming that he knows his rights and to not check in the trunk. Obviously, no good officer of the law would let such a blatant form of reverse psychology go unnoticed, but once he heads to the back of the car, Felicia takes off!

VIDEO: Wolf, Wolf! Tyler, The Creator Performs “Rusty” On “Letterman”

Find out what Felicia had in the trunk by pressing play on the video above. Trust us, you will be amused to say the very least. Enjoy!

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