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Women think they have it hard when it comes to hair and skin products, but unfortunately men have their share of troubles when it comes to getting that perfect, smooth skin look. 

It’s no big secret that men have an easier time than women when it comes to putting a look together for daytime or for their fancy night out on the town. 

The fact is, when it comes to men, their facial hair plays an integral part in piecing together a look, and just like it does with women, so does smooth skin. 

Celebrities and regular men alike pay special attention to the details of grooming when it comes to crafting a look with personality and flair, and completing that while making sure to remain bump free is no easy feat. So a clean shaved, smooth masculine face deserves to be applauded appropriately! 

We took the liberty of rounding up some of the hottest men in the game who make it a point to keep not only their facial hair groomed, but their faces smooth as a baby’s you-know-what in the process.

From the clean shaved face of Dwayne Johnson to the well-crafted facial hair of Lance Gross, take a look at 5 of hip-pop’s smoothest shaved baby faces in the gallery above.