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Beyond the shadow of any doubt the hottest record in the word, in any genre of music, this week is Jay Z’s “Open Letter.” It seemed everybody had something to say about his trip with wife Beyonce to Cuba. Really? So Hov releases a freestyle that is crazy enough to get even the attention of the white house press. Complete genius from one of Brooklyn’s finest. Enjoy ( I know I did).



Another crew on the rise from the borough of Kings is none other then that crew they call Pro Era. Joey Bad A$$ has been the most popular face of this new movement. As of late — God bless the dead to Capitol Steez — other members of the crew have been getting a chance to showcase their skills and talent. Peep this new sh*t from CJ Fly The Error. Pro Era’s tour should be one of the freshest out this summer!


Looking for something different but still dope? You should definitely peep this new Theophilus London record “Rio.” London is a trendsetter in the world of music whose brand of hip-hop, in one phrase, is eye opening yet entertaining. The track built around this song “Rio” is funky. It features elements from the group The Menahan Steet Band whose most infamous horn sample was foundation on Jay Z’s “Roc Boys” song. Peep…


Action Bronson’s “Live From Kissena Blvd” track is a head nod waiting to happen. I’m talking from the lyrics to the production (In my Stephan A. Smith voice) this is class personified for a rap music purist. The beat has that classic yet dusty NYC grimy feel courtesy of Statik Selektah. Bronsilini has been one of hip hop’s most stand out MCs for the past several years now. This track will be featured on Funkmaster Flex’s upcoming mixtape.  [pagebreak]

Another record that I heard this week that is guaranteed to keep that head noddin’ is this new Pusha T “Numbers on the Board.” Upon pushing play you will realize this song should have come complete with a neck brace because the beat is so hard. Lyrically, Pusha T has always been nice but he’s definitely talking sh*t. He raps: “I got money with the best of em’/ I can go toe to toe with any Mexican,,,” I don’t know about that Pusha T. The Los Zetas Cartel hang their competitors from highway overpasses in Mexico five necks at time. I’m just saying…

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