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Funds are low for George Zimmerman … yet again. 

DETAILS: It’s “Disingenuous & Disrespectful!” Trayvon Martin’s Family Responds To Glady’s Zimmerman’s Letter

According to George Zimmerman’s funding website, his defense fund has a deficit amount of $10,000. Zimmerman’s attorneys detailed his expenses, which include security, living, and case-related expenses. Since March 3, the Zimmerman trust fund raised over $14,000.

The website states, “The Zimmerman defense is running at a deficit, and it is unclear how the defense will be funded moving forward.”

The announcement came the same day Zimmerman’s mother released an open letter to mark the one-year anniversary of Zimmerman’s arrest for the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

In other news, attorney Mark O’Mara filed a motion requesting details of the settlement that was reached between Trayvon Martin‘s parents and the Twin Lakes homeowners association. No reports have been made as to how this will be used by Zimmerman’s defense.

Really though George, this is the second time you’ve claimed to be running low on cash – where is it all going?! 

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

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