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A communications major at the College of New Jersey went missing on Tuesday after taking her mom’s car without permission.  

Paige Aiello, captain of her college tennis team, moved back in with her parents after suffering a break down caused by stress. Aiello is described as a perfectionist who worked two jobs, was dedicated to her sport, and in the midst of deciding what law school to attend.

Aiello’s father Christopher sent out an emotional message, begging for his baby girl’s return.

“Please get a phone. Call because we need you and want to see you again.”

The Aiello family reportedly believes Paige went missing two days before her twenty-second birthday because she did not want to celebrate her birthday this year and just wanted to get away. On the night Paige went missing, someone found her purse with her cellphone and car keys on the George Washington Bridge. Luckily, no reports have been made of a woman jumping off the bridge. Aiello’s car was later found in a parking garage in New Brunswick near a train station. 

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Family and friends of the missing tennis player encourage others to contact the Hillsborough Township Police Department with any information regarding Paige’s whereabouts.

SOURCE: Daily Mail