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<p>It’s just a session, two creative people getting together and making a fusion of great music, so why so much hoopla, why so much tension, it’s a session not a date. That was back in the days, its a new year and we still on the rumor of Swizz &amp; Alicia, hooking up, but it’s no Rumor now its factual, the two are hooked up lovely, was it the beat of his drum or the sound of her voice?, whatever it was it brought two people together and now they’re making serious noise. The new rumor is they’re engage, but is it really necessary to focus on these two love birds? why are they newsworthy? is it because Swizz is still married to his wife Mashonda who is also a lovely person in and out?. Many believe Swizz didn’t play his cards right and Alicia is a home wrecker, who are we to judge, we all have made our mistakes, let alone shared intimate thoughts with a friend or even snuggled in between the sheets. I’m not saying that it’s alright,</p>

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