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What a week right? Let’s just keep it to the music. Get that new Funkmaster Flex mixtape. Salute to Jay-Z! Hip Hop is on the cover of Time Magazine. By the way R.I.P. to Guru… 

For those of us who were lucky enough to be touched by Keith Elam AKA Guru, you truly understood why he was such a cool passionate dude. His voice and DJ Premier’s cuts will forever be part of the soundtrack to my musical youth. This week another real cool MC got with dope producer Marco Polo and dropped this tune in memory of …G.U.R.U.


Beyond the shadow of any doubt, the hottest and smartest record that was dropped this week was Drake’ “Girls Love Beyonce,” which features the hottest singer/ songwriter on the come-up, James Fauntleroy. It’s really a play on words, as Drake tries to pour his heart out about the fact he can’t find a ‘real’ chick…lol Hilarious as it sounds the song is actually dope. Fauntleroy is 1/3 of the deadly medley, Cocaine 80’s and he is the superstar here. Enjoy!


Be sure to check out this new shit from Major Flip featuring the homie IAMSU!. It’s called “Work.” It’s that sure-fire Cali twerk shizz that set clubs on fire in the Bay Area. Flip is just another in what seems to be an endless line of talented MC’s cropping up from Cali. Of course, if you need an intro to IAMSU! you’re already late to this party.


Travis $cott has a new street banger with T.I. and 2 Chainz called, “Upper Echelon.” This is definitely a riot-starter, whether it’s coming through your car stereo, in the club or even better, performed live. For Travis, this is a great look but it’s Tip and Chainz of course, that give this track a streets seal of approval.


One of Chicago’s next to shine big is Lil Durk. Durk has had his fair share of issues, even since getting his deal, and I’m talking legal to the streets. But only the strong survive in Chi, and he has a lane in which he can rise to fame. His latest joint, “Dis Ain’t What You Want” is answer to everyone who has had something to say. You can judge for yourself. Until we read again…

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