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Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly pays homage to Eminem in his hometown of Detroit. 

The “Lace Up” rapper performed Eminem’s smash hit “Lose Yourself” while visiting the “Motor City” these past few days.

On the front steps of Detroit’s St. Andrews Hall, MGK performs an acoustic version of “Lose Yourself” for a small group of fans. 

St. Andrews Hall is notorious for being the actual spot where Eminem’s movie 8 Mile was actually filmed. 

Detroit comes as one of MGK’s latest tour stops. Since dropping his debut album Lace Up back in October 2012, MGK has been on the road touring non-stop

In preparation for the release of his new mixtape, MGK recently dropped a video for his Black Flag single “Skate Cans.

Check out Machine Gun Kelly’s dope new cover up top!

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