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Imagine being pregnant and having to choose your life or your baby’s?

This is the fate of a 22-year-old identified as Beatriz in El Salvador. Beatriz is a little over four months pregnant but doctors tell her she could die if she did not terminate her pregnancy. 

The young mother-to-be has been diagnosed with lupus and kidney disease and was told her fetus is missing a large part of its’ brain. Unfortunately for her, as she suffers through her pregnancy, abortions are illegal in El Salvador and her life is now in the hands of the Salvadorian government.  

Last month, Beatriz told the Salvadorian Supreme Court in a petition about her unhealthy situation but they have not yet rule on the matter. 

Esther Major, the Amnesty International researcher on Central America, said, “Beatriz’s situation is desperate and must not wait any longer. Her very chances of survival depend on a decision from the authorities. The delay is nothing short of cruel and inhuman.” 

We’re rooting for you Beatriz!! Thoughts?

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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