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Animals, one. Humans, zero. 

Just this week Luxembourg-based court has decided to give seals a chance at life when they supported the European Union’s three-year ban on seal products. 

The ban is another ban placed in favor of animals. In March, the European Union announced a ban on all cosmetics that include ingredients tested on animals.

According to Ottawa Citizen, the ban of seal products were supported by the courts on the grounds of it “fairly harmonizing the EU market while protecting the economic and social interest of Inuit communities.”

The Inuit Tapirirt Kanatami is not in favor of the decision despite reports that they were considered at the time of the decision. 

There have been no reports of a possible petition to lift the ban but we’re sure the Inuit communities are brainstorming.

Another win for animal lovers everywhere. I mean, c’mon son, who doesn’t like baby seals!

SOURCE: Ottawa Citize

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