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Two female 7th grade students from New Jersey have been suspended this week after threatening to kill dozens of their classmates in a video posted on Youtube.

According to the Huffington Post, the 21-minute video involving the two girls, one on camera and one behind it, has shaken up those who are listed by them as who they “want to kill.”

CBS New York reports that one of the girls read the murder list to a group of students at the school recently.

A parent of one of the students on the list told Paterson Press:

“My daughter called me from the [school] bathroom. She was so scared she was crying.”

Huff Post says that the case is currently being investigated by police, to which Mayor Jeffrey Jones replied:

“It’s serious enough for us to have this investigated, especially because of the current climate we’re in. Let’s hope that it was just frustrations and emotions and they didn’t mean anything, but we can’t sit back and just hope.’’

Thankfully law enforcements take action to prevent anything from possibly happening.