Have you ever heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Basically, it’s the theory that everyone on this planet is separated by six people or less. 

Need proof? Here’s a quick example using C-list rapper Younger Scooter and Kevin Bacon: Young Scooter did a mixtape with the homie Gucci Mane; Gucci Mane appeared in Spring Breakers with da god James Franco; James Franco played Sean Penn’s lover in Milk; Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon starred in the super depressing Mystic River. There you go. Young Scooter and Kevin Bacon in four steps.

So we decided to play this game, but instead of using real life situations, we’re just going to use Twitter and the people they follow. And we’re not gonna just use Kevin Bacon for all of our examples.

So, let’s get started with Rick Ross and everyone’s favorite girl Lena Dunham:

One of the 314 people Rick Ross follows is Justin Timberlake:

Of course Justin has to be following his wife Jessica Biel:

Jessica Biel must be a CNN fan (or a crazy Anderson fan), because she follows Anderson Cooper: 

And we all know Anderson loves GIRLS (the show), so it makes perfect sense that he follows Lena Dunham:

Rick Ross to Lena in five steps. So, let’s try another one, Beyonce and Tim Tebow:

Queen Bey only follows eight people, with one of those people being lil’ sister Solange:

Solange follows the very rare Tracee Ellis Ross, from Girlfriends fame:

Tracee Ellis Ross follows Bryan Cranston, also known as Heisenberg in Breaking Bad:

As for Bryan Cranston, he follows 15 people, and Tom Hanks is one of them:

Tom Hanks follows heartbreaker Taylor Swift: 

And Taylor follows Tim Tebow. (STAY AWAY FROM HIM, TAYLOR): 

Now, let’s get to our girl Joseline Hernandez. Let’s link her to Warren Buffet, who just joined Twitter today:

Joseline Hernandez follows Russell Simmons (hey, Rush!):

Uncle Russell is big into the political scene, so of course he follows New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo:

Andrew Cuomo follows ex-president Bill Clinton. (Clinton and Andrew’s pops, Mario Cuomo, were good friends.)

Bill doesn’t follow a lot of people, but he does follow his daughter Chelsea Clinton:

Chelsea jumped on that Warren wave earlier and started following the billionaire (who is a famous democrat.)

We couldn’t do one, of course, without trying our man Kanye West. Let’s link him to the Dalai Lama. 

Kanye West follows one person and it’s his future baby mama Kim Kardashian. 

Kim Kardashian follows Paris Jackson, who she once called beautiful in a tweet:

Paris follows your girl Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus is peaceful soul, so she follows the great Dalai Lama:

Feel free to play along, folks.

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