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Ray Kelly is using statistics to support racial profiling in the stop-and-frisk program. 

Police officers have admitted to being forced to stop-and-frisk innocent people in order to keep their jobs and meet unrealistic quotas. Blacks and Hispanics are on the top of the stop-and-frisk program with more than 50 percent of Blacks and Hispanics being randomly stopped.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told ABC News that this percentage only proves the opposite of what stop-and-frisk critics are rallying against.

Kelly said, “About 70 percent to 75 percent of the people described as committing violent crimes- assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny- are described as being African American. The percentage of the people who are stopped is 53 percent African-American. So really, African-Americans are being under-stopped in relation to the percentage of people being described as being the perpetrators of violent crimes. The stark reality is that a crime happens in communities of color.”

Yes, he said that! According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, the percentage was 55 in 2012 with Hispanics at 33 percent.

The nerve of this guy! Rather than take responsibility and trying to improve the current stop-and-frisk practices or creating a better approach, Kelly decided to tell the American people numbers don’t lie.

SOURCES: The New York Times

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