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If you’re as excited for the Met Gala as we are, you probably already know that the theme this year is punk rock.

How awesome is that!

We personally can’t wait to see how everyone interprets it, but what we do know is that Met co-chair, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, has been punk-rocking out for years.

The official Met theme is Punk: Chaos to Couture and while Riccardo is often described as sweet and charming, got a chance to find out just how punk he really is in a recent interview. Let us count the ways:

He lived in England:

I got nearer punk when I was 17. I left Italy to go to England, which was very punk for me to do, coming from where I come from. I didn’t want to live under the situation in Italy at that moment, political and social. I wanted to express myself, and I went to England and made my life…. You could still feel the attitude of punk in England, you still feel it a lot today, and I think the English, they’re very punk in their DNA.

His rebellious approach at Givenchy:

I remember my first year at Givenchy some people wrote in a review that I was Antichrist, and I’m the most Catholic person in the world…. But what I did at the beginning, it was very punk because I didn’t really respect very much the DNA.

I got criticized a lot at the beginning, and it didn’t scare me, because I would really believe that I was there for a reason.

He supports people who “don’t give a f*ck:”

I support a lot of artists that are not scared to show emotion, like Marina Abramovic, Rihanna, or Carine Roitfeld. People that don’t—not in a bad way—but they don’t give a shit. They don’t give a fuck.

He feels like punk and couture are the same:

You’re doing it with a lot of craftsmanship… And punk is the same. It’s about craftsmanship. Each person would make his own look. They made it on their body, they fitted it on their own body, and it’s basically the same way you do couture.

Lastly, Riccardo is not just showing up to the Gala with one guest wearing his clothing…

He’s basically creating an entire couture collection for his Met Gala guests:

Actually, it’s a little bit bigger than [a] couture [show] because it’s going to be a little bit more than ten looks…and it’s going to be very interesting because people are going to understand how these people are punk for me.

Head over to to read the entire interview.

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