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Patients are granted the option to choose life …… or death. 

Those in favor of euthanasia in Vermont are granted even more legal support as the Vermont State Senate has voted in favor of the Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act. 

The Patient Choice and Control at End Of Life Act reportedly proposes that patients who are mentally competent and diagnosed with a terminal illness, having less than six months to live, can request a prescription that would speed up the dying process. If passed, Vermont will be the third state to have such a law. 

Governor Peter Shumlin said, “I understand the deep convictions held by Vermonters on all sides of this extraordinarily personal issue. But I also know how important it is for those who face terminal illness and tremendous pain to have this choose in conjunction with their physicians and loved ones, in the final days of their lives.” 

Although some have rejoiced at the news, others feel it is against human nature for the government to support doctor-assisted suicides.

“I just don’t feel the government has any business getting between a doctor and patient,” said Sharon Iszak, a member of Vermont Right To Life Committee.


SOURCE: Huffington Post