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We found out last night that Randy Jackson is finally chucking up the deuces and will not be returning next season to judge on American IdolInstead, he will be focusing on his company, Dream Merchant 21. 

With all three orginial judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, officially out of the picture, it is now clearer than ever that the show needs to come to an end. 

However, American Idol was on its last limb long before Randy announced his departure. Fox has done everything in its power to revamp the program, but here are some signs that the show should’ve ended a long time ago. 

AI, we gotta say, quit while you’re ahead! 

1. It all started when they added a fourth judge. Kara DioGuardi came out of nowhere and changed American Idol, as we knew it, forever. Before her, there was a perfect balance of personalities and expertise between Simon, Paula, and Randy. Then she came and opened the door for future randoms like Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. The show should’ve ended right then and there.

2. Bad karma was a clear sign that American Idol was going to fall off after Paula Abdul’s departure. The show’s producers proved that they were misogynistic by refusing to comply with Abdul’s request for a substantial pay raise, when men like Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest were making ten times the amount of money that she was getting. What goes around comes around. 

3. Everyone loves Ellen, but since when does Ellen Degeneres know anything about singing? Her rendition of “Just Keep Swimming” as Dory in Finding Nemo was good, but that doesn’t mean that she deserved to replace Paula as a judge on American Idol‘s ninth season. This was definitely a sign that the show needed to end.  

4. Although it had steadily been getting worse, the day Simon Cowell quit the show was the day American Idol officially went down the tube. Cowell was the backbone of the show and, quite frankly, the realest critic the show has ever seen. Without him, AI has become a pile of flowers and rainbows, when what the contestants really need is harsh criticism.  

5. I don’t always watch American Idol, but when I do, it’s one big advertisement. There are more ads in one episode than performances. There are also more commercials than performances. 

6. The birth of The Voice should’ve been the death of American Idol. The Voice is much more popular. In fact, on Monday night the two shows had a head-to-head competition by airing live at the same time, and The Voice came out with higher ratings. The Voice coaches Shakira, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Usher make singing exciting. Let it burn, AI. 

7. The beef between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj bridged the gap between American Idol and Bad Girls Club. Bringing these two judges on at the same time was a sign of trouble. When Simon and Paula used to fight, we would all watch closely to see if they were going to kiss afterward. Now, we watch to see if a brawl will break out and someone will leave with a patch of hair missing. This is no longer the quality show that I used to know. 

8. Randy Jackson isn’t the only judge leaving after this season. Say goodbye to Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj as well. Fox is getting rid of all of American Idol‘s current judges in an attempt to bring back its core audience next season. Dear Fox, don’t hate the judges. Hate the show. Read the signs, we audience members already do. 

9. Pop Quiz: Can you name the last 3 American Idol winners?…Too hard? How about one person within the last 3 years?…Neither could I without the help of Wikipedia. They are Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery, and Lee DeWyze. Yeah, the show definitely should’ve ended after winner Kris Allen, or, better yet, Jordin Sparks. 

10. Ten years should’ve been the cut-off…enough said.

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