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The curse of the screenshot…

Principal Jamille Miller-Brown of Riverdale High School in Clayton County, Georgia tried to have a student arrested for posting her mugshot on Instagram. The caption accused the principal of being arrested for DUI. 

Keandre Varner was called into the principal’s office after news of the mugshot spread. When confronted about the post, Varner said, “I think you got arrested for DUI” – the principal had actually missed a court date for a speeding ticket. 

Instead of explaining to Varner how the public knowledge caused a frenzy in the high school, Principal Brown asked to have Varner arrested – a request that was denied by police. Varner was later suspended for four days for being “belligerent and disrespectful” and allegedly uploading the photo on school property. 

Spokesman David Waller said, “Regardless of how he uploaded the photo, he still accessed the site. When a student become belligerent and disrespectful, we’re all human being and out knee-jerk reaction is to throw a book at him.” 

Eventually everyone involved realized Varner was being harshly punished and reduced his suspension to two days. Varner is currently back in school, where he says he needs to be.

No one’s safe in these Instagram streets. 

SOURCE: Gawker