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Today, Angelina Jolie is my God. And while I don’t mean that in the literal sense, her decision to get a double mastectomy as a preventative measure gives me life in so many ways. 

First of all, it confirms the theory that the Lara Croft actress is actually a superhero. But that was also confirmed when, at one point, she had six children all under the age of five.

Her bravery has also done worlds for my own self esteem…and is sure to empower women who are considering a mastectomy or grappling with their own surgeries or cancers. Take CNN’s Starting Point anchor Zoraida Sambolin. Today, during her slot, she revealed to America that she too has plans to undergo a mastectomy, and Angelina’s courage and spirit alone was the deciding factor for her announcement.

And what’s so amazing about this story is that a woman who has been sexualized, fantasized, carnalized and all of the above, is giving away the two objects that society historically uses to differentiate between a man and a woman.

Her breasts.

What happens to a society when the sexiest woman in the entire world loses what some would deem the distinguishing objects that “make” her?

Only good things, we hope.

I always knew Angelina would save the world, and clearly this is how:

Men will stop objecting women by their anatomy:

It’s a long shot, but maybe if the woman of every man’s dream can consciously and decidedly get her breasts removed without feeling, looking, or acting less than what she was before, men will also realize that flesh has never (and will never) be the true design of a woman.

By the way…Brad Pitt may look like he’s creeping by staring at his woman’s anatomy, but today he told us he’s not about that objectifying life.

Women who have had a double mastectomy won’t feel less of a woman:

However shallow or insensitive this may sound, when Angelina Jolie becomes the poster child for a mastectomy, the stigma of breast-less women not being women goes out the door. But more importantly, Angelina’s bravery, not sexiness, is what makes her announcement even more powerful. The fact that she did it, even though she was not diagnosed yet, goes to show that health is much more important than aesthetics. And as she said, “that in no way diminishes my femininity.” We agree wholeheartedly and we hope anyone out there listening does too.

Angelina’s decision will shine light on preventative health care:

What’s most surprising about Angelina’s decision is that she decided to undergo the major surgery because she was carrying what she called a “faulty” gene that increased her chances of ovarian and breast cancer. The idea that taking care of your body now will keep you out of the hospital later is underrated.

Remember, nobody is safe. Not even Angelina was. And she’s a super-global-sex symbol-awesome-parent-movie-star-philanthropist.

That should put things in perspective for you.

Breast cancer is front and center:

We talk about it, we race for it, we wear pink for it, but what Angelina did today when she posted that op-ed was far more impactful than any of our initiatives to date. The sexiest woman alive is fighting breast cancer by getting them removed. And is unapologetic about it. Sorry Susan G. Komen, but Angelina’s courage alone might have saved hundreds of lives.

We applaud you Angelina and wish you the best. You’re seriously our Wonder Woman.

And hey, you’re still our sexiest woman, even if the asshole-boob men turn away.

Besides, you still have that amazingly famous leg…and we’re not objectifying women here, it’s just one of the 567 things we love about you Angie!