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It is 2013, right? 

Apparently not to rapper Joey Bada$$. The Brooklyn-born MC just dropped “Word is Bond,” the first single off his upcoming Summer Knights EP, and this sh*t sounds like something you would have banged on your tape back in 1994.

The song was produced by famed DJ Statik Selektah, who gives us a quiet, piano driven beat that reminds us of Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents.”

Joey Badass does what he usually does in moments like this — he rips it, spitting lines like:

  • “Better tell that doofus deuces before he catch you whipping.
  • Hit him in his Charles Dickens and strip him for his Scottie Pippens.
  • Cause it’s all about the big pimping.
  • Rob him for his Nixon, and then question him about his timing.”

This thang is fire, folks. Look out for Summer Knights on June 12th.