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Game of Thrones was off the chain last night. 

This Sunday night, HBO’s hit series aired their episode “The Rains of Castamere,” aka the now infamous “Red Wedding.” For those of us who didn’t read the books, this is the crazy suspenseful episode where Walder Frey seeks revenge on the King in the North Robb Stark, and his army, for breaking his oath to marry one of the Frey daughters. 

Spoiler alert!

Really, I’m about to tell you what happens, so if you didn’t watch it, just skip down below the next video. 

Robb, his wife and mother, all die a bloody death – getting their necks straight sliced open. It came as a shock to those Game of Thrones fans who only watch the show, but to the fans who read the books, they knew it was coming all along. 

The Red Wedding even shocked Richard Madden, the actor who plays Robb Stark himself, who revealed that after the scene was over, he cried the whole plane ride home. 

(I) “cried the whole way. I was the crazy boy on the plane crying. It was a really difficult day for everyone. There was lots of tears from many people, including myself, just for the fact the character, the way it happens, Robb Stark with his dead queen in his arms and her stomach ripped open and blood pumping out of that. His mother getting her throat slit.”

The deaths rank as one of the most shocking and bloodiest moments in TV history. But we can’t say it’s the first time we’ve been surprised by the demise of our favorite characters in a television series. 

Whether sitcoms, dramas or cartoons, we have a full list of the most shocking deaths in television. Check it out below. 

Omar Little from The Wire — Omar was supposed to go out like a G! Instead he went out at the hands of a little kid in a bodega. 

Gus Fring from Breaking Bad — Gus made his name as a businessman by day, ruthless drug lord by night. Until Mr. White decided to put his foot down. 

T-Dawg from The Walking Dead — The entire series T-Dawg was quiet, and basically an after thought. But when it came time for him to bite the dust, he did it in gorgeous fashion! 

Jimmy From Boardwalk Empire — This was the first time Nucky Thompson got blood on his hands. Jimmy got to talk a bit of crap before he died. Always sweet. 

Snoop from The Wire — Her character was a ruthless killer and this was a fitting way to go out.

Maya from Pretty Little Liars — Nothing hurt our hearts more than when they found Maya’s body after that crazy guy she met in rehab murdered her.

Susan Ross from Seinfeld  — Even in comedies, people die. George Costanza’s wife-to-be died licking toxic glue on her wedding invitations!

Adriana La Cerva from The Sopranos — Adriana got done mafia-style. She thought she was going to meet her boo, but turns out she was being driven to the woods to sleep with the fishes.

Charlie from Two and a Half Men — This was just wrong. Now we know Charlie Sheen and the creators had a lot of issues in real life, but damn! This guy’s funeral… sad. 

The Dinosaurs — Up until now I was putting single people, but on the ABC show Dinosaurs, they decided to go off the air and kill off not just the whole family, but the whole species. I guess they were being true to nature, right? 

Stringer Bell from The Wire — Idris Elba was the mind behind the muscle, but he made a bunch of foul decisions and finally they all caught up with him. He couldn’t talk his way out of this. 

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