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“Then jump in the car and just ride for hours/ Makin’ sure I don’t miss the homecoming at Howard” – Ludacris. 

Hip-hop loves Howard. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Known as a haven where some of the best and brightest young black intellectuals matriculate, Howard University’s prestigious legacy goes far beyond academics. 

Since the late great Notorious B.I.G. performed one of his first shows at Howard University in 1992 and beyond, rappers have always gone out of their way to name drop Howard. 

From the beautiful women to Howard’s infamous homecomings, Howard University and hip-hop have had an interesting relationship over the past few decades. 

If rappers aren’t mentioning the women, they’re giving Howard props on being one of the coolest colleges around. 

When Drake finally made his trip to “The Mecca,” he admitted that if he went to college, he would have chosen the illustrious Howard University, stating: 

“For like the last four months, I went back to high school and I graduated high school the other day. So, you see what my campaign is about this year because I went right to the bookstore. I’m trying to come to school with you all.”

Oh, and we can’t forget about the time Howard Alum, Sean “Diddy” Combs, helped lead a protest against Howard’s Administration building via Twitter: 

“Do what we did and take IT OVER!!!! Let’s go! And do it in a peaceful way but DO IT!! … If your at HU go to the A building now and make sure they feel you!!! And send me updates!!! Let’s go! Howard Univ. Students I love you! I know I haven’t been there enough. But I want to be and I will be! Keep the pressure on!” 

As a very proud alum of Howard University, I decided to round up 19 hip-hop lyrics about the REAL HU. 

Check out all the Howard University name drops down below. 

1. Drake “Make Me Proud”“Sound so smart like you graduated college/ Like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard.”

2. Game “Celebration” –  “She went to Howard, her head strong, her mamma tall, So her legs long/ She went to college and got her masters, now she bringing that bread home.” 

3. Notorious B.I.G “Kick In The Door”“Ain’t no telling where I may be/ May see me in D.C. at Howard Homecoming.”

4. J. Cole “Grown Simba”– “Something like Serena mixed with Trina, have you seen her/ She fine enough to be Miss Howard, word to Adina.” 

5. Common “Misunderstood” – “She thought back to when she was at Howard and/ Dreams of doing scenes with Terrence Howard and/ Broadway plays and dancin with Alv and them.”

6. Wale “The Work (Workin)”“Don’t get besides yourself, thinkin I’m with the loafin’/ I just came back from Howard I made a gift for the locals.” 

7. Ace Hood “My Life” – “Handouts only for them coward/ No college degree at Howard.”

8. Kendrick Lamar “Kurupted”– “I black out like Howard University when I verbally turn into Hercules hurtin’ these Emcees early and urgently urkin’ my nerves searching for certain certified nouns and verbs on the verge of vigorous victory.”

9. N.W.A. “Chin Check” – “Rapping like the Treacherous Three, fucking cowards/ I’d done seen Dre rocking parties for hours/ And I’d have seen Ren fucking bitches from Howard.”

10. Yo Gotti “Look In The Mirror” Remix –  “Hoes out the centerfold, I be going in at em/ One bitch from Howard, another bitch from Grambling/ College girl going wild, we gonna need a camera man.”

11. Ludacris “Pimpin All Over The World” –  “Then jump in the car and just ride for hours/ Makin’ sure I don’t miss the homecoming at Howard/ Hawaii to D.C. it’s plenty women to see.”

12. Lil Wayne “Sacrifice” Featuring Mack Maine  – “Then come to your hood to get 3 or 4 cowards/ You think your Bison like you play for Howard /But you can duck like Howard, I make you fall like the towers.” 

13. Method Man & Redman “1, 2, 1, 2” –  “I throw a 5 in the power/ Pop a wheely with the front end hittin speed bumps, 40 miles per hour/ I’m out at Howard, next to Baltimore.”

14. The Lox “Can I Live”“Fuck y’all niggas who stay bummin/ I’m that nigga sellin pills at all of Howard homecomings.” 

15. Ice Cube “24 With A L” – “Instead of that devil you work for/ Motherfucking coward/ And clowning my man cause he wants to go to Howard.”

16. Drake “City Is Mine” –  “Break it down like you working for your tuition at Howard/ Mama, get it how you live, that thang that you working is power.”

17. Travis Porter “College Girl”“But that’s in high school/ She’s at Howard now /And She so far away/I’m sending flowers now.”

18. Ty Dolla$ign & Young Jeezy “My Cabana” – “Got some Howard bitches and they all fine / when I’m in D.C. they all mine.”

19. Wale, Chris Brown & Fabolous “Pretty Girls” (Remix)“Met her out in D.C., homecoming, Howard U / told her I’m the sickest nigga ’round, and how are you?”

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