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A 15-year-old who wanted to play a harmless high school prank on classmates and faculty failed miserably when three people had to be rushed to the hospital. The student spiked marinara in the cafeteria with so much “Da Bomb” hot sauce, that the fumes caused wheezing, shortness of breath and even skin rashes. Better luck next time dude. [ABC]

No food, no water, no nothing. That’s what Navenna Shine of Seattle plans to live on for the next six months. She’s attempting to survive on nothing but the natural light of the sun…because she believes it will work. And she’ll livestream the whole thing…so you can make sure she’s not cheating or anything…[Gawker]

Watch as this man pulls out a gun on a couple eating pizza in D.C.’s Logan Square, and demands that they hand over their belongings. Scary. Police have yet to find the suspect…[NBC]

The people at Gawker aren’t the only ones that want the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford crack-smoking tape. A resident of the home that Gawker pinpointed as the same one Ford was taped smoking crack at was attacked by a man wielding a metal pipe, who had come looking for the video. [Gawker]

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