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Respect, inclusion and acceptance are all beautiful things, especially when they’re coming from an industry commonly known for being less than inclusive when it comes to alternative sexual orientations. 

But a tide of change is rolling in. The NFLPA has released a line of “LGBT Vintage Pride” shirts to benefit the Athlete Ally organization and it is quite a beautiful thing. 

The line is paying homage to Pride Month, and players like Brendon Ayanbadejo, Connor Barwin, Scott Fujita, Steve Gleason, Chris Gocong, Chris Kluwe, Donte’ Stallworth, Terrell Suggs and Eric Winston are allowing their numbers to be featured on the One Team Pride jerseys. 

Super Bowl champion Brendon Ayanbadejo is one of the players offering up his number, and he spoke on the collaboration, saying: 

“June is a special month for the LGBT community. I am extremely excited that the NFLPA Is adding its name to the list of ever growing allies. The simple fact that football players believe in equality for every human being is going to make an impact on a lot of peoples lives.”

The Ally Pledge reads as follows: 

“I pledge to lead my athletic community to respect and welcome all persons, regardless of their perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Beginning right now, I will do my part to promote the best of athletics by making all players feel respected on and off the field.”

Kudos to these brave men for stepping up and combatting the stereotypes associated with NFL players. 

SOURCE: Buzzfeed. 

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