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Yesterday the internet went crazy as Kanye West‘s long awaited album, Yeezus leaked but it looks like the culprit behind the album’s online spilling has some folks looking for them.

While TMZ claims, Yeezy is unphased by fans getting his music before the official release date, June 18th, they also say Def Jam is on serious damage control and have a special leaks division which is on the job to track down who done it!

The site reports:

According to sources, the leaks division employs various methods to track down the source of a leak … as well as to put a stop to any further illicit file sharing. We’re told the record company already has a lead on who’s behind the leak and plans to take swift punitive action. 

But it seems to be no sweat of ‘Ye’s back. Apparently he expected this would happen as so many people worked on the album.

Welp! Good luck with the hunt Def Jam, but with the leak and all, we’re sure Mr.West is still gunna do numbers!

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