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Kanye West is speaking a new language now. 

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the leaked version of Kanye West’s Yeezus album, then you know all about the new dialect of “Swaghili.” 

But you might not know how to speak it.

On the track “I’m In It” off ‘Ye’s new album Yeezus, the rapper spits the line: “I be speaking Swaghili.” However, he doesn’t elaborate on exactly what his new language is…

Thankfully for you, we got our hands on the Rosetta Stone/Swaghili version and we’re going to translate some Swaghili for Yeezy’s loyal listeners. 

After all, what are good bloggers for? 

(Editor’s Confession: We made these Swaghili lyrics up; but we totally think Kanye should adopt some of them.) 

Turn Up | Definition: To let loose and have fun | Swaghili Translation: Oscillate upward

Tonight my comrades and I are going to oscillate upward in the club. We popping 12 bottles.


Thirsty | Definition: To crave attention | Swaghili translation: Parched

“People behave very parched whenever they see a celebrity come around.”

Jump off | Definition: A girl used strictly for sex, nothing else | Swaghili translation: Public Restroom

“She’s a public restroom, anyone can use her whenever they want.”

Hella | Definition: To describe a lot of something Swaghili Translation: Heap 

“Kid Cudi got a heap a lot. He had a heap of pretty woman getting very parched too.”

Shorty | Definition: Affectionate term for a girlfriend, or attractive female | Swaghili Translation: Female Acquaintance

“You better not try to holla at Yolanda, that’s Rashawn’s female acquaintance and you know he crazy!”

Ratchet | Definition: A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy | Swaghili Translation: Trollop

“Listen up! No trollop behavior will be tolerated this evening.” 

Where They Do That At | Definition: That’s lame, no one does that | Swaghili Translation: Alabama

“That’s where they do that at.”

Baby Mama/Baby Daddy | Definition: The person who you went half on a baby with || Swaghili Translation | Indentured Companion

“They be trying to front, but they all are still sleeping with their indentured companions.”

Photo credit: Kirill Was Here