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Let’s recap Angela Simmons effortless summer hairstyles.

As part Pastry owner, we know Angela has a creative side. Lately, we’ve seen it mostly in her hair choices, and we love it.

In the past couple of weeks, she rocked 4 different hairstyles before showing off her final stop, some blonde goodness, on Instagram last night. 

Angela has no problem changing it up and continually re-inventing herself to keep the image of her new clothing line, A by Angela Simmons, fresh.

No matter what style she chooses to rock for the moment, it continues to fit her. Let’s take a look at some of her bold summer choices courtesy of Instagram.

First was the long luscious body wave look with light highlights at the top. Yep, she did that.

Next, she went totally Poetic Justice on us, and she killed that.


In between getting ready for the next hairstyle, Ms. Simmons went au-naturel!

Last, she proves why “blondes have more fun!”

Are you loving Angela’s new blonde style?