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Damn, girl!

Nicki Minaj got in on the flashback photo fun a day early and, naturally, it was a bit risque.

The female rapper is known for her fabulous curves and daring looks, as well as her fearless attitude, but did you know she looked this good undressed?

Yeah, us either!

Nicki’s executive producer, who is also rumored to be her boyfriend, Scaff Beezy uploaded this racy shot of the female rapper backstage lettin’ it all hang out of what appears to be a bridal style gown. Of course, she had to preserve a little bit of the mystery by covering up with her hands.

Nicki reposted the photo, which Beezy shared on Twitter, for her 16.6 million followers to enjoy. Because if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Nicki has definitely got it.

The sexy singer is on fire right now.

Not only did she recently debut a ton of new music, but she’s working on a film and collaborating with K-Mart on a clothing line.

We’re not sure how she manages it all, but we’re lovin’ it. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Minaj.


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