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There’s no nice way to tell you this, so we’re just going to come out with it.

There was an art exhibit in Chile. It’s unique, to say the least. And…it’s bloody.

Carina Úbeda Chacana, a recent art school grad from Valparaíso, unveiled her latest exhibition, “Cloths,” at the Center of Culture and Health in Quillota last week, which was really just five years of her menstrual blood on feminine cloths.

You heard us right. Period blood.

“I can not wear pads because they trigger an allergic reaction,” she says.

The artist explained that she had been saving the soiled cloths in a cushion, thinking one day she’ll get around to “do[ing] something with it.”

Asked what the hell, Úbeda said she wanted to “mix art with something personal,” adding that she had no qualms about sharing something this intimate because to her, “it is simply a work of art made ​​by me.”

So she gathered her 90 sanitary rags, disinfected them so that they wouldn’t smell, and hung them in the gallery. They are all embroidered with words like “discard” and “destroyed,” for a little extra…flare.

Now, we’ve seen some crazy art shit, but is it safe to say that this takes the cake? Watch video of the exhibit above.

SOURCE: Gawker