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Back in 1995 when the state was trying to convict OJ Simpson of murder, a man named Kato Kaelin rose to fame. His testimony, hijinks and demeanor immediately made him a household name.

Well, the George Zimmerman trial has its very own Kato Kaelin, and her name is Rachel Jeantel.

Rachel’s testimony about what happened the night of Trayvon Martin’s death is the talk of the town. People want to know if she’s lying, discuss what’s she going to say next, and debate her background and upbringing. 

Let’s face it, Rachel may not have had a great education, but in our world of Antoine Dodson, Charles Ramsey and Sweet Brown, she fits right in the mix of pop culture icons. 

Rachel’s side eyes to defense attorney Don West were priceless. 

Like this one. 

That one. 

Let’s not forget this one.

or that one.

and most definitely not this killer side eye. I’ll slap you.. Sir. Respectfully.

Don West clearly just didn’t understand Rachel’s world. 

Due to the high profile importance of the case against George Zimmerman, and the length of her time on the stand, Rachel has been subjected to endless amounts of racism and hate. Many mean and evil memes have popped up on websites like Reddit: 

Rachel, if you’re reading this, keep your head up. Whether they love you or hate you, you’re a star.

At the end of the day, being yourself is all that matters.  

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