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All black everything.

You know his fresh code. 

Jay-Z’s influence has undoubtedly crossed the border between music into fashion, time and time again. From the ice on his wrist to Jordans on his feet, the self-professed God of rap has always made his own fashion statements through not only his appearances, but in his songs. And we’re already getting a glimpse of him doing just that on his upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

While the world’s been waiting to hear just a little taste of this mysterious LP, Jigga has only dropped lyrics that have us all talking already.

Earlier today, Jay gave us another teaser with the lyrics to “Tom Ford,” a song with the same name as the American designer himself. In it, he expresses his preference for the brand:

Best believe Tom Ford will be the next big designer in hip-hop (see: Versace).

As we all know, this won’t be the first time the world will follow the Rocawear founder’s lead, so let’s take a look back at some other lessons in style we’ve received from Hova, in no particular order.

And I don’t wear jerseys I’m thirty plus
/Give me a crisp pair of jeans nigga, button-ups

-“What More Can I Say”

Lesson Learned: Once you’re in your thirties, it’s time to get your grown-man swag on.

Ball so hard, got a broke clock/Rolleys that don’t tick tock/Audemars that’s losing time/hidden behind all these big rocks

-“Niggas in Paris”

Lesson Learned: You can never have too many watches. You never know when a battery might go out in your Rolex, so back-ups are a must.

What do you say, me, you, and your Chloe glasses/
Go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion
/Like, Prada blouse, Gucci bra/
Filth Mart jeans, take that off

-“Give It 2 Me”

Lesson Learned: All these designer things are great, but they’re meant to come off anyway.

Get y’all black tees on/All black everything

-“Run This Town”

Lesson Learned: You can never go wrong in all black. It takes the worry of matching out of the equation.

Can’t wear skinny jeans cause my knots don’t fit

-“Swagger Like Us”

Lesson Learned: Well…..That line speaks for itself.

At 42 be better than 24, I carried the 4-5, mastered 48 laws/
Still wearing my 23’s they can’t fuck with the boy/As far as them 16’s, I’m 23 of it all


Lesson Learned: People may age, but Jordans are forever. That’s right, y’all, keep rockin’ those sneakers because they’re timeless.

The only time you wear Burberry to swim

-“’03 Bonnie & Clyde”

Lesson Learned: When money’s not an issue, neither is dropping a couple hundred on a bathing suit.

I am so dope/
Like Louboutins with the red bottoms
/You gotta have ’em, you glad you got ’em

-“I Know”

Lesson Learned: It’s OK to splurge on a wardrobe must-have here and then.

Used to rock a throwback, ballin on the corner/Now I rock a teller suit looking like a owner

-“On to the Next One”

Lesson Learned: Everyone can benefit from a style upgrade every once in a while.

I’m just a runway show
/But I wear this on my plane in my runway clothes

-“Off That”

Lesson Learned: The world is your runway – dress accordingly.

Got the hottest chick in the game wearin my chain

-“Interlude (Public Service Announcement)”

Lesson Learned:  Fellas, girls love it when you let them rock your stuff. But make sure that’s a privilege given to a special someone. 

Young don’t mess wit chicks in Burberry patterns/
Fake Manolo boots straight from Steve Madden

-“La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again)”

Lesson Learned: Ladies (and gents), knockoffs are a no-no.

Do I to you look like a lame/Who don’t understand a broad with a mean shoe game/Whose up on Dot Dot Dot and Vera Wang

-“Change Clothes”

Lesson Learned: Know your labels, guys, you never know when it might come in handy.


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